dbts Skin Bar, a pod store designed to educate & treat the "on the go" consumer.  We provide,  knowledge on how to achieve healthy skin from the inside, out.  Healthy, clear, vibrant skin shouldn't be a luxury, it's a necessity!  By providing our clients with affordable skin treatment options, dermatology approved products, & nutritional counseling, we'll give you a chance to experience optimal results minus the smokescreens.  
"Healthy skin isn't a luxury, it's a necessity..."
111 W. Liberty St
Ann Arbor MI, 48104

Winter Hours:

Wednesday 11-2:30p
Thursday 3p-7:00p
Friday 3p-7:00p

*You can also visit our Washtenaw Ave location, by appointment Monday -Saturday

3365 Washtenaw Ave
Second Floor Office Suite 201
Ann Arbor 48104

Stay Warm...

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